Burning Man 2022

We did it! After 3 long (and very weird) years, Black Rock City, rose from the dust once more. And to be honestly...once back on playa it felt just like it always does, home. Once again we brought out "We Are" for its second burn. This time with solar upgrades to the lights and replaced the stolen page from 2019 (that was a bummer). Our placement was deep playa, approximately temple high and was surreal to see this piece out there in the nothingness. The temple in the background a surreal feeling. Over the week was amazing, albeit it too hot, which limited daytime activities, and even broke me on Tuesday...whoops! Sharing such a special place with close friends, an almost adult child and a partner never gets old. And lets be honest...as veterans we are sometimes burn vampires. Relishing in the the wide-eyed joy that virgins bring the playa.

As for the photography this year there were new challenges. I changed my camera system earlier in the year and ran in to some unforeseen issues. We are always learning, even as professionals. That being said, even with not getting some images because of things like running out of batteries (doh), this might be my largest photo drop to date. And partly that goes to the EPIC dust storms that we had this year. For those that know me personally understand that the only good BRC is a dusty BRC. It's what gives the city and its people so much character. And makes for amazing images.

Very much look forward to continuing this journey started 10 years ago (wtf) and honored to share his collection with all of you. Part of my gift every year is getting images to people that are included so if you see anyone you know please holler!

In Dust We Trust <3