Burning Man 2018

Here we are. January 2019. Which, considering what 2018 was for me personally, makes sense that this album would be coming at this time of year. The lead in to the burn 'this' (last) year was one of change. With all that is going on out here in the middle of the Pacific, I was very much looking forward to a week completely disconnected from the default world. Where I could drop back in to self. Our crew this year was also much smaller, however we had the addition of Shitty Kitty. The best-worst art car. Mixing in rolling solo with the shenanigans of a firetruck size art car was quite interesting and was able to give me the ability to be social when I wanted or off on my own.

As always, the artwork on playa consistently induces a state of "what the fuck". Between the the intricate and surreal capturing each (ok not even close to each) piece in the best way is always a fun game. Most of my photography is ad hoc and just goes with the flow out there. It's extremely hard to plan much so carrying my camera and two lenses in a smaller bag is what I go with most of the time, with the occassional full camera bag making an appearance a few times a week. Personally I'm a big fan of dust storms out there as it really gives Black Rock City it's mood. This year we only had a couple of mini ones but as always the light and sky are amazing.

Some big things are in the works for 2019 as I've been working toward an on-playa project for years. And it's finally time. Look forward to another dusty year and if you find yourself or someone you know in any of these photos please CONTACT me for copies!