Burning Man 2019

2019 was quite the year. For one...after 6 years of mental planning I finally got my shit together to put together the We Are art project on playa. Not only was there the logistics of not living on the mainland and being able to pre-build anything, but then the usual organizational fun that is the Burn. We got to enter early, also a first for me, which gave us enough time to work insanely long days to get things done in time. And by that I mean we did the art project in ONE, 16hr day. Not recommended btw.

I will say that having art on the playa for the first time was a surreal experience, especially getting to see people interact with it from afar. I did learn one important lesson...to not use normal screws, as someone decided it was ok to steal one of the 4'x6' pages of the book. Well ok then!

The week itself was its usual whirlwind, though, the fact that this was my 7th, means that Home really does feel like Home. Camps are familiar, you know how to find what and when...kinda ;) It's a really wonderful feeling that, still at this point, doesn't get old and in fact is just as exhilarating as it was back in 2012. Just a bit different ;)

My apologies for the late delivery of these. It's been an unusual year and look forward to getting dusty again with everyone...when that does allow <3

And remember... In Dust We Trust


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