Burning Man 2017

I think it's fair to say 2017 was a weird year. Maybe that's putting it gently. I'm sure there are others that would have various degrees of variation from that, but needless to say it was one that maybe we just needed to get out of our system. Personally I was looking forward to a week in the dust and off the grid. Away from the default world for a brief period to be able to soak in the playa and get weird for a bit.

Being my 6th burn there is a bit of a rhythm that happens at this point. I have (slightly) more stuff in storage and the overall game plan shifts a bit each year, but until the car is packed Sat PM before entry there are always those jitters. Then there’s that first touch of playa as the car eventually rolls to a stop in line. I have my own little ritual at this point. I get out and put my hands to the ground and grab some dust and rub them together. Feels good every time. Home :)

The goal this year was to shoot more and try to capture things I felt I keep missing in year’s past. The joke is that this is actually impossible. There is always tons to miss. However, I succeed in shooting as much as I ever have before. Which felt great. Even if we were limited this year by how much water we could bring with us. Each daytime outing always dictated by whoever ran out of water first. That was the turn around point. Record heat was definitely oppressive! But then again, all part of the experience.

Overall I found that there was a bit of a disconnect people-wise. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was too many tourists/bucket-list people. Maybe it was just me. Just seemed a bit…off this year. That being said I’m ready to get back in 2018 and see what it brings.

As is my custom each year I am posting way too many images as these are my gifts to everyone and it’s often way too hard to limit how many get shared. That being said if you find yourself or someone you know please holler and connect with me!
Look forward to seeing you in the dust next year ;)

In Dust We Trust <3